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Etioca Ecosystem

A unique and innovative approach to the mobility of the future. The ETIOCA circular ecosystem is based on five business sectors.

Our strengths: WMI since 1966, unlimited production license, in-house design, prototyping & production.

ETIOCA has acquired the historic Italian Carrozzeria Coggiola automotive brand, beholder of a WMI (Worldwide Manufacturers Identifier), a license which allows the unlimited production of a wide range of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes).


A financial platform for a circular and sustainable economy

The ETIOCA Fintech system provides the integration of a proprietary cryptocurrency and supports a circular economy, allowing international bank transfers, financial loans, payments from and to customers and business partners.

It includes the creation of the ETIOCA-Wallet, the ETIOCA-trade and the ETIOCA-coin (ETC). The ETC starts its course within the taxi ecosystem, offering attractive rates and benefits for passengers and supporting the Charity mission.

The use of a proprietary cryptocurrency guarantees the transparency of transactions and aims at increasing stability and avoiding any kind of speculation.

Advantages for partners of the etioca taxi ecosystem

  • For passengers

    Customers who pay with ETC get a special price, otherwise they get a reward in form of ETC (ETCs are created during the ride).

  • For drivers

    Drivers are paid in ETC. They can exchange them into a currency or shop from the ecosystem partners with a discount.

  • For advertisers

    Advertisers are rewarded with ETC if they advertise at no favorable time or place. They buy ETC in packages with which they can buy airtime.

The Revolution of Mobility Services
Etioca Financial Model

Industrial Pole

An integrated industrial pole that allows scalable growth

The ETIOCA circular economy is founded on an integrated industrial pole, that goes from R&D to the Giga plant. This is the basis for profitable and scalable growth, that comes together with an owned WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier) which allows an unlimited production capacity for a wide range of vehicles.

  • R&D

    The pulsing heart of our innovation strategy: a place where design meets the latest technologies, from prototyping activities to design refinements, and final engineering.

  • Pilot plant

    The ETIOCA Pilot plant will be suitable to train personnel, deliver product homologation, perform tests and continuous improvements.

  • Assembly plant

    The ETIOCA Assembly plant will allow to produce all the wide range of vehicles of the Anna Platform (Defence, Police, Fire department, Rescue, School shuttle, Delivery).

  • GIGA plant

    The ETIOCA Giga plant covers massive electric vehicles production, with a simplification and elimination of production stages and time saving that vastly reduces capex and costs.

  • Supplier plant

    We are engaged in the designing and prototyping of car models for other customers as well, operating on a global scale.


Etioca Power Station

Power Station

The ETIOCA charging infrastructure combines innovative and traditional technologies. The charging station offers 3 types of car charging:

REGULAR (also possible at home)
FAST (at selected public stations and at the ETIOCA stations)
BATTERY SWAPPING (battery replacement at the ETIOCA stations).

Many cities’ and countries’ infrastructures are not ready yet for the transition to electric mobility. ETIOCA power stations are independent from public infrastructures and allow drivers to start using their ETIOCA electric vehicles immediately.

Etioca After sales

After Sales

For all vehicles produced, ETIOCA guarantees after sales service assistance and maintenance. In the rare case of need for extraordinary maintenance, the ETIOCA driver will receive a courtesy taxi to avoid the downtime.

Etioca Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Taxi Shop is a new service for passengers that allows them to buy souvenirs and basic necessities available in the on-board catalog and on the APP. The minibar, previously used only in limousine services, is now available for all ETIOCA taxi passengers.

Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash

The full cycle mobile car wash helps taxi drivers and taxi companies to maintain a high level of service, saving time and money to keep the electric vehicle clean, while protecting the health of passengers.


Innovative features built around passengers and drivers
Etioca App

ETIOCA APP for passengers & drivers

All payments, as well as drivers’ fees, are made through a proprietary platform that promotes circular economy and guarantees the transparent management of transactions. The cashback option can also be activated.

Subscription platform for ETIOCA Taxi drivers

The subscription system allows ETIOCA TAXI drivers to start working without buying a vehicle. On a monthly basis, they will pay only for the effective usage of the Taxi, with a cost per kilometer fare.

Etioca Subscription Platform

Through the ETIOCA APP drivers receive orders and oversee the work flow. This allows them to focus on their work with no other stress and to conduct as many rides as possible per day.

ETIOCA drivers can nearly double their monthly income in comparison to other taxi companies.

Every taxi of the ETIOCA fleet is equipped with a mobile billboard for targeted, cost-effective advertising.


Advantages of the LED screen advertising billboard: frequent and repetitive exposure to customers; local exposure thanks to geographic localization realtime advertisement based on continuous data feeds.

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

The system of advertising panels will allow municipalities, Public and Government entities, to promote messages of public and social interest.

Buying & Selling

The advertising promotion system will be supported by a dedicated sales and communication structure.


Our media production team will assist all advertisers to craft the best contents and solutions displayed on the ETIOCA Taxi dynamic billboards.


Media services for advertising and public service announcements
Etioca Media


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