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Who we are

Etioca is a unique ecosystem of electric vehicles with a full range of services able to generate cash flow to support the wellbeing and education of future generations.

When innovative technologies, industry know-how, qualified partners and inspirational ideas converge, the impossible becomes reality.

What we do

ETIOCA combines circular economy, digital innovation and environmental-friendly technologies to offer sustainable solutions for a better, safer, cleaner, smarter and more inclusive future.

We provide innovative products and services that offer unprecedented experiences to drivers and passengers, while contributing to preserve the environment. When entering the market, we will support the health and education of children worldwide, through our ecosystem.

Etioca Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Drive positive change in the entire community, providing sustainable solutions that protect the environment and improve the lives of future generations.

Our Mission

Offer innovative products and services through a sustainable ecosystem able to generate cash flow to support the wellbeing of children around the world. Lead the electric mobility transition and support municipalities in achieving our common goal of reducing emissions, by giving them more time to build the infrastructures and by introducing sustainable vehicles on the market.

Our Values


We believe that innovation is at the basis of personal and business growth. Constantly striving to anticipate cutting-edge solutions, we encourage thoughtful and inspirational ideas. We are convinced that technology has the power to create benefits and opportunities for everyone on the planet, and the planet itself.


For us, innovative technologies and responsible entrepreneurship go hand in hand. As a company, we take responsibility for people, society, the economy and the environment. Day by day, we drive positive change in our community, to make the world a better place and to contribute to a sustainable future.


Inclusive thinking drives our innovation. We strive to break down barriers that limit people from accessing information and opportunities. We work to foster a sustainable future where everyone has access to the benefits and possibilities offered by technology.


We drive excellence through visionary thinking and the willingness to continuously improve and grow. We act with perseverance and determination to face adversity and achieve even the most ambitious goals. With a continuous improvement mindset, we take ownership and are empowered to seek a better way forward.


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